PHPlist Emailing Newsletter Pro

What is PHPlist Emailing Newsletter, Most Advanced Mass Email Sender and Email Campaign Manager Pro ?

The Module PHPlist Emailing Newsletter Pro for Prestashop is a one-way email announcement delivery system, it is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses. Is an open source and has a forum with a great community for any help or answer questions.


  • Sent newsletters to all your customers.
  • Manage your employees and create permissions based on your needs.
  • Activate the test mode and then sending emails simulations.
  • Create your custom templates.
  • Create your messages or templates in TinyMCE or FCKEditor.
  • Select customers who want to send newsletters using complex filters, such as:
    • Newsletter (subscribed, unsubscribed or all)
    • Optin (subscribed, unsubscribed or all)
    • Status (Active, inactive or all)
    • Customers Group
    • Shop (only PS 1.5)
    • Group shop (only PS 1.5)
    • Country
    • Gender
    • Date within registered in our shop
    • Date of birthday
    • Customers who bought some product(s) in some category
    • Customers who bought specified product(s)
  • Enable bounces and delete the email accounts that do not exist.
  • Use Cron job to send hundreds of Newsletter without having to manually update.
  • Confiure how many emails are sent based on your hosting specifications (check with your hosting provider).
  • Track emails that have made clicks on the links inside your newsletter.
  • Attach files to your mail.
  • Configure to send emails via SMTP.
  • Greet your customers, using Tags such as:
    • [firstname]
    • [lastname]
    • [gender]
    • [birthday]
    • [country]
    • [group]
    • [email]
  • Send your emails in HTML or Text.
  • And much more...


  • Prestashop 1.5 here
    • User:
    • Pass: demodemo


  • Prestashop 1.4

  • Prestashop 1.5


v1.0.0 -- 15 October 2012

  1. ADD -- First version

v1.0.3 -- 18 October 2012

  1. FIX -- Fix some translations
  2. FIX -- Copyright in email centered
  3. FIX -- Minor errors in module configuration
  4. ADD -- Button to force the installation of the database
  5. ADD -- Filter to import customers who bought certain product

v1.2.0 -- 12 November 2012

  1. FIX -- Number of characters in username, now 255
  2. FIX -- Failed to import customers with some quote in the name or surname
  3. FIX -- Support for special characters in emails sent
  4. FIX -- Installation failed in servers with subdomains
  5. FIX -- Error uninstalling when the module is installed on more than one database
  6. ADD -- Now compatible with PS 1.5
  7. ADD -- Option to create messages or templates in TinyMCE
  8. ADD -- New filter to Import customers by shops or shops groups (PS 1.5)
  9. ADD -- Possibility to enter the administrator without login required
  10. ADD -- Cron job to send hundreds of Newsletter without having to manually update the page "process queue" in PHPlist
  11. ADD -- Now send test messages to the email with which you login in PS (To add more test emails, you can add in the "test" list)