Newsletter Block with E-mail Validation

What is Newsletter Block with E-mail Validation´╗┐ ?

The Module Newsletter Block with E-mail Validation for Prestashop allows to send an email with a validation link when a customer subscribe or unsubscribe to Newsletter.


  • Avoid fake subscribers.
  • Avoid fake emails.
  • Send confirmation e-mail when subscribe.
  • Send validation link by e-mail to confirm subscription our Newsletter.
  • Send validation link by e-mail to confirm unsubscription our Newsletter.
  • Send voucher code when the subscription been sucessful.
  • Display information in a new page, eg:
  • Eliminates the registers have not been validated after certain days.
  • Automates the deletion of registers that have not been validated using cron jobs.


  • Prestashop 1.4 here
  • Custom subscription form here


  • This module uses the official table from PrestaShop, same as that generated by the module "blocknewsletter".
  • If you already have customer registers in the Newsletter, you can keep them.
  • To install, please, read documentation included on zip file.


v1.0 -- 12 March 2012

  1. ADD -- First version

v2.0 - 21 November 2012

  1. FIX -- Bugs fixed