Verifying E-mail Account for New Customers

What is Verifying E-mail Account for New Customers ?

The Module Verifying E-mail Account for New Customers for Prestashop avoid fake emails and fake customers, each time a new client is registered, it will receive an email with an activation link.


  • Add a validation link to the mail 'Welcome!' when a new customer is registered, same as the customer must click to activate your account.
  • Avoid fake customers.
  • Avoid fake emails.
  • The customer can not login while has not been validated your e-mail.
  • When the customer are creating a new account, will see notice: Your email address should be verified.
  • When the customer changes their email, it must be validated again.
  • Monitoring customers who has changed your email by one fake.
  • The link is sent only to email that the customer provide on the register process.
  • Can send a voucher code after the customer validate properly your account.
    • Code previously generated by us
    • Code generated automatic for each customer
  • It's posible disable new registers when needed.
  • Back Office show all customers than have successfully validated your email.
  • If the customers lost the email with the validation link, they can request again at:
    • PS 1.4 >
    • PS 1.5 >
    • Or too in PS 1.5 >
  • If you use friendly URL, can add this file to your list of friendly URLs (Only in PS 1.4, PS 1.5 do not need).
  • Support for Guest checkout.
  • Full Compatibility with all order process type.
  • Full Compatibility with all registration process type.
  • Configurable cronjob to automate the removal of unverified customers.
  • Documentation included in english and spanish.


  • Your purchase includes all updates free for lifetime.


  • Prestashop 1.5 here
  • Prestashop 1.4 here


  • Frequently Asked Questions here


v1.0 -- 17 March 2012

  1. ADD -- First version

v1.0.27 - 10 April 2012

  1. FIX -- Minor bugs fixed

v1.1.10 - 12 September 2012

  1. FIX -- Bugs fixed
  2. ADD -- Updated compatibility for PS v1.4.9.0

v1.3.0 -- 14 October 2012

  1. FIX -- Minor bugs fixed in install and uninstall
  2. ADD -- Support in Guest checkout process
  3. ADD -- Remove the customers who have not verified their account after certain days
  4. ADD -- Cron Job to automatically delete unconfirmed customers

v1.5.0 -- 20 October 2012

  1. FIX -- Permission error in Cron job task in PS 1.4
  2. ADD -- Compatibility for PS v1.5

v2.0.0 -- 19 November 2012

  1. ADD -- Possibility to disable new registers
  2. ADD -- Info message on page "Create account", the e-mail will have to be verified (Configurable)
  3. ADD -- If the customer changes their e-mail under "My account", this should be verified again (Configurable)
  4. ADD -- Warning message on screen "My account": If you change your e-mail, you will need to be verified again
  5. ADD -- Send email with voucher code after verify e-mail correctly (Configurable)

v2.0.5 -- 06 March 2013

  1. ADD -- Compatibility for PS v1.4.10.0

v2.0.10 -- 03 June 2013

  1. FIX -- Minor bugs fixed on install and uninstall
  2. FIX -- Bug fixed on PS 1.5.4.x
  3. ADD - Major compatibility with some older versions

v2.1.0 -- 09 October 2013 (Only for PS 1.5)

  1. ADD - Automatic generation of vouchers
  2. ADD - Compatibility with PS and

v2.1.2 -- 27 October 2013

  1. FIX -- Bugs fixed in Ajax in the "One-page checkout" for PS 1.5
  2. ADD -- Full Compatibility with all order process type
  3. ADD -- Full Compatibility with all registration process type
  4. ADD -- Automatic generation of vouchers now available for PS 1.4