About Us

PrestaCheap is a site that allow anyone to buy or sell all sorts of addons for PrestaShop, ranging from themes, modules, email templates, tutorials, etc.

Files that are approved for sale are made available to the thousands of visitors that come to the Marketplaces each day. When a visitor sees something they like, they can purchase and download it. With each purchase you receive a large percentage of the sale price. That means you can upload a single file and sell it multiple times.


Our main objective is to offer a variety of high quality items at the best prices in the market today with all future updates free, this means that when you make the purchase of an item offered in our Marketplace, you will have the benefit of have all the updates you receive this item free of charge and can be downloaded from your account immediately, this being one of the biggest advantages to enhance your web site.

For more information, you can contact us.